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The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the home screen of the SafeScript portal. It provides an easy way to access your recent notifications and patients.

Click on the red boxes to display details about each section.

If you are a prescriber, the Notifications and Recently Viewed sections are initially hidden.
To display the Notifications (if any) and Recently Viewed patients, select Show.

If you use a tablet in portrait orientation, the Dashboard displays either the Recently Viewed or Notifications panels.
To switch between panels, select the relevant button.

Patient Search

Search for a patient by name and date of birth, or by IHI.

For details, see Search for and Select a Patient


This section shows recent SafeScript notifications that have been sent to you (if you are a prescriber) or to your pharmacy (if you are a pharmacist).

If you are a pharmacist, enter your pharmacy approval number, then click Search to view your pharmacy's recent notifications.

The Actioned column tells you whether you have viewed the patient since the notification was sent.

Click a notification to view the patient's profile.

For more information, see Real-Time Notifications.

Recently Viewed

Quick access to the patients you most recently viewed. Click a patient to open their profile.

For details, see Patient Profile and Medication History.

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