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Patient Permits

If a patient has a permit for a monitored drug, you can view the permit details in SafeScript.


The sections and fields that are displayed change depending on the Permit Type and on the specific data included in the permit. This example shows a permit of the type S34 Permit to Prescribe.
Click on each section to find out more.

View a patient's permits

  1. First, Search for and Select a Patient.
  2. If the patient has any permits, or other information from the Department of Health and Human Services, the Permits button is enabled.

    If the Permits button is red and displays a number, this means the patient has important notes against their permit data (for example, a practitioner has reported that this patient may have forged or stolen scripts).

  3. Select Permits.

    The patient's permit-related data is displayed.

  4. To return to the patient's medication history, select Medications.

Other departmental information

Each of the following sections is displayed only if data exists for the patient.

Important Notes

If this section is displayed, it shows information about the patient as reported to the DHHS by health practitioners. The types of information that may be displayed are:

  • Practitioners have reason to believe the patient may be drug-dependent
  • Patient has been reported for alleged unlawful conduct.
  • The patient has recently been released from prison.

Primary Identity

This section displays the patient's primary name and address, as recorded by the DHHS. The patient's primary name is the name under which any monitored drug permits are issued.

Additional Information

This section displays any alternative names or addresses used by the patient, as reported to the DHHS by health practitioners.

These alternative details can include previous legal names, nicknames, aliases, and so on.


This section displays any permits issued by DHHS for this patient.

Column Details
Permit Type

The type of permit. This will be one of the following:

  • Client-Related Warrant
  • Minimal Supervision Permit
  • Pharmacotherapy Permit
  • S34 Permit to Prescribe
  • S34D Notification
Prescriber The name of the prescriber named in the permit.
Site The address of the clinic named in the permit.

The current status of the permit. For example:

  • Active
  • Expired
  • Pending
  • Rejected
Start Date The treatment start date of the permit.
Expiry Date The expiry date of the permit.
Last Updated The date at which the permit in SafeScript was last updated.
Drugs Any drugs specified in the permit.

You can only see items of correspondence that are addressed to you.

Click to expand this row and show the items of correspondence associated with this permit. Then, click an item of correspondence to view it as a PDF file.

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